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If you were to give bith to twins........ Lock Rss

I have to say I'm glad I'm not the one having twins you have a hard decision ahead! But best of luck deciding, you still have lots of time!

I would choose:

boy/boy: Levi Ewan and Justin Cooper

girl/girl: Hannah Kate & Molly Jasmine

girl/boy: one of the names I already said lol can't pick faves!

Good luck smile


thanks for the giggle and the help!!

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

thanks Ro, At this point we are thinking of not finding out the sexes but that could change.

We found it hard enough to agree on one childs name too!


Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

the cheryl & beryl were twins in an article I read about twins in a sunday newspaper mag. and they always dressed alike even now as 50 yr olds
[Edited on 14/09/2009]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

What are your other child/children's names?

I like Hamish Mathison & Emmett Willem/Emmett Miles
or Emmett Hudson & Miles Willem

I like Bethany Willow & Matilda Winter
or Matilda Bethany & Willow India

Not sure if that helps smile

2 girls - Morgan and Jessie
2 boys - Mason and Jasper

1 of each - Malakai and Maddison
i love winter or wintah for a girl. very pretty.
There are so many names I like atm I would have a big problem narrowing names down ... or actually getting my hubby to agree to what I wanted would be a harder task again LOL.

I personally think its cute hearing twins with 'similar' names eg Jack, Harry, Max, Noah etc are all more traditional names making a comeback or short girl name combinations are cute as like Mia, Ella, Lily, Ava etc ... but I wouldn't pick similar sounding names like Ella and Bella or names that start with the same letter like Ella and Emma if it was me or saying their names would be forever a tongue tie LOL

If I was hypothetically to have a set of twins right now I love the names:-

Indiana (Indi) and Zahli


Harry and Jack

Have fun Name Choosing

2 Boys: Max Hugh and Alexander John
2 Girls: Grace Emma and Emily Rachael
1 Boy and 1 Girl: (if I wasn't going to use the above names)
Boy: Kane Girl: Amelia

Personally I dont' like the idea of having twins with similar names but I"m also not a fan of the entire family with the same letter to begin names. But thats just me.
One name for each sex is hard enough let alone two.

I like the more so called traditional names.

2 Boys
Joshua William
Aidan James

2 Girls
Emma Grace
Charlotte Elizabeth

1 of each
Joshua William
Emma Grace

Good luck and congratulations on the twins!

edited to add: I personally don't like similar sounding names. Even though they are twins they are still individuals. But each to their own.

[Edited on 14/09/2009]
I like old school sounding names... and the middle names are my and my mans favourite grandparents.

Emmeline Amy
Lola Shan

Felix Antonio
Loren James

Loren James
Emmeline Amy

Ohhhh, fun post!!

I'd have:

G/G - Emily Matilda and Georgia Isobelle

B/B - Alexander Michael and Jack Oliver

B/G - Alexander and Emily.

Sure DH would have totally different opinion though! Good luck smile

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