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If you were to give bith to twins........ Lock Rss


savannah alexis
mercedes ava

lincoln malik
tristan.........something, whatever the dad chose.

boy girl.
lincoln malik
alexis.....maybe lol no idea.

2 boys-.. Adam Kenneth adn Mitchell ??

2 girls -.... Scarlett and Emma

1boy 1 girl-.. Adam Kenneth and Scarlett.

If adn when we have another bubs and hes a biy we will use Adam Kenneth.

I would go
Lucas and Lily

James and Ruby
This is really hard, but I think I'd pick...

Boys -
Henry Alexander and Jake Conrad

Girls -
Zahli & Giselle (not sure on middle names)

Boy and girl -
Henry & Giselle

2 boys
joshua matthew
jayden alan

2 girls
isobel jewel
sophia joy

1girl 1 boy
jayden alan
sophia joy

I have 2 sets of fraternal boy twins

We went with different names for them

Elisha Nathaniel & David Thomas

Peter Jacob & Malachi Benjamin

If I were to have another set their names would be


Nehemiah Jordan
Micah Samuel


Lydia~Rose Lois
Voilet Shilo


Nehemiah Jordan
Lydia~Rose Lois
[Edited on 14/09/2009]

fun thread i like

B/B Ethan & Jackson

B/G Ethan & Lily Jade

G/G Ruby & Lily or Charlotte, Hannah, Ayva

2 boys: Couldnt agree on two more boys names! I do like Lauchlan, Luke, Jett, we are naming this bubs Ryan.

2 girls: Charlotte and Isabella (id probably then book myself into therapy now, for the years to come!!! that would make ti 4 girls i would have! haha)

I wouldnt ever have the same sounding names though, they are complete individuals.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

This is why it takes so long to get your babies......names are hard.

Boys: Reid Elliott & Kane Nathaniel

Girls: Poppy Elisabeth & Willow Alexis
(I love floral names, sorry, so these would fit into my family)

Kane Nathaniel & Poppy Elisabeth.

Best of luck smile

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

I dont like the idea of similar names my twin boys are Riley & Devin, the only thing they have in common is their 1st names are 5 characters long, but a friends sister has id twin girls with similar names & it really suits them.
We found out the sex of our twin as we already have a DD so we could have everything ready.
Please no more Rileys, my cousin named her twins Riley & Caleb & DH Cousin just named her boy Riley as well. Sorry really dont like nameing kids after cousins in the family.
Twin girls Kendra & Emberly would be my first pick.
One of each well probably Kendra & I have no frigin Idea as I named Riley & DD named Devin. Our DD name is Summer so we like different names. No will not go Winter, Spring or Autumn.
I met a set of twins once who's parents had deliberatly found two fairly different names (Tara and Kayla) but only realised about 4 maonths later that if you swap the first letter of thier names you still have two girls names (Kara and Tayla) so then there was 4 names to get confused between!!)

I saw in a names book that some people like to do anagrams of names like Nadia and Aidan (well Aidan is Nadia backwards too) so there is a link so to speak but not sounding the same etc, and they can argue on who's name is backwards!!!!

If I was to have twins i'd need to be thankful for the 60 days to name em!

but off the top of my head

Tyler Carson and Elijah Paxton

Eliana Kate and Tahnee Jade

both prob two of the above!

Boys ~ Cody Will & Darcy Leo

Girls ~ Summer Jade & Jasmine Lee

Boy/Girl ~ Cody & Jasmine

Good luck choosing & with having twins!!

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