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If you were to give bith to twins........ Lock Rss

Hi I am a twin so here goes

Both girls: Claire Anna/Megan Frances (my twins and my names )

Both boys: Alex James/David Michael

Girl/boy: Alex James/Cathrine Nikayla ( my kids names )

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08


Great post to read. My DP and I are in the same boat, so glad we have some time to still think about names and I agree it is hard to come up with 2 names let alone 4 lol.

Some great suggestions above.

At this stage the only name I do like is Kahlia still struggling with a middle name so will keep reading and looking at peoples names when in shops etc as you just never know when you will see one you like.


First of congrats on the twins!

I am having twins too, but we already decided on names.

I like Hamish Miller and Hudson Miles for boys.

My DS is Tyrell James, and DD is Mikaylah Rose.
(Just in case you like either of those lol)

DH and I chose:

B/B: Storm Tyler and Blade Taj
G/G: Oceania Lillian and Kiana Summer
B/G: Storm & Oceania

Good luck to you. smile

Boy - Boy: Jamison Alexander & Landon Jett

Girl - Girl: Indianna Michelle & Aaliyah Grace

Boy - Girl: Jamison Alexander & Indianna Michelle

2 boys: Ryan and Declan

2 girls: Imogen and Anaya

1 boy 1 girl: Isla and Chase

I don't like names that are too-similar sounding for twins or that start with the same letter....

Good luck!
[Edited on 15/09/2009]

oh dear! it would take me forever to fight with hubby about what names to use but if it was up to me wink

samuel james
thomas henry

ella jane
evie may

thomas henry
evie may

good luck smile


We named our Twins Dallas and Bailey both boys.

I like the way Dallas and Bailey sounds together but it has to be Dallas and Bailey, not Bailey and Dallas.
Sort of like fish and chips not chips and fish.

And cause I always say eldest first - Dallas had to be the first born.

I don't like similar names though for twins but it needs to flow nicely.

How time flies!!

I have 2 DS Jaxson Xavier, and Loghan Raiden

If I had twin girls they would be
Kitana Trinity
Milena Zelda

No Idea for 2 boys, one of each the girl would be Kitana Trinity no idea for the boy
I imagine DH and I would disagree for ages, but if it was up to me right now:

boy/boy - Owen James & Theo Philip

Girl/Girl - Alice Noni & Holly Anne

Girl/boy - Alice Noni & Owen James.


Do you have to have middle names ?

Especially if s/he has a long first name, maybe that's enough.

I'd have
B/B Zachary and Liam
G/G Sian and Gemma

B and G Zachary Liam and Sian Gemma

PS changed my mind already LOL Lilli instead of Gemma.
[Edited on 15/09/2009]
i have girl boy twins in feb..
we named them Karli and Kallum..
i personally like having them similar or the same start letter..

every second set of twins that came thro the NICU while we were in there had an AVA or an ADDISON... and CALEB and SIENNA are popular together too.. i also know of a few stupid combinations.. someone called their FOX and HUNTER.. or TAJ and TRIGGER..

we had kallum picked out and had a choice from a few girls names.. (cose the came early) Karli or Kylee or Kelsey...

if it was B/B- i wouldnt no.. cose we waited till we knew... cose b4 we found out the sexes we didnt even know for sure it was twins(found out at the 19week scan it was twins,but i just knew it was). everytime i tried to look thro a baby names book i would feel nauseous and throw up till i stopped looking.. lol..
Also watch for the initials when ur choosing... a set of twins thro the NICU there last name was NESS. and there initials were A NESS and P NESS...
good luck with it..

I have 2 yr old twin boys and we didn't find out they were boys until we had them. My advise is:

Pick 4 names you both like and prioritise them. We had Finlay Dane, Charlotte Grace, Jasper John and Ava Chloe. So if it was one of each it was going to be Finlay and Charlotte. As it was, we have Finlay and Jasper (born in that order).

I have met a LOT of twins and I personally don't like similar names or themes. My twins are so different but they are always mixed up and similar sounding names (or even the same letter) would only make that worse. These kids have to share everything for the rest of their lives - let them have their own names.

I now also have a daughter called Addison Grace ( funny that we didn't go with our previously chosen girls names)

List of names that we had that didn't get used - Oliver, Elliot, Xavier, Sebastion, Adelaide, Bridget, Immogen.

Good luck, its not easy but you'll get there.

Mum to twin boys & baby girl

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