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If you were to give bith to twins........ Lock Rss

I named my twin girls Madison and Olivia. I wasnt interested in having matching or similar names. There middles names come from both sides of the family.



Sam Nicholas
Henry James


Isla Clare
Sophie Kate

One of each

Sam Henry
Isla Clare
[Edited on 26/10/2009]
Hmmmm, It's nice to dream....
Twins would have been awesome. 9 months, I birth = 2 kids.
You'd have to be an organized person tho.

Boys. - Levi and Milo
Girls- Avah and Mila
one of each- Jax and Alexis

XOXOXO baby dust to all
BOYS- Nate and Kade
Girl- savannah and jacinda. OR Brooke and Paige
Boy / Girl- Kade and Sienna.
I have had a lot of run reading through this thread, there is certainly a lot of cool name choices. I'm in the camp of not picking rhyming names or names with the same first letter. However, I do have a thing for names of 5 letters. Not sure why, but I think cos we have a longest last name short first names sound better. Anyways, this is what I would pick (if DH had no say either):

Twin boys: Blake Sebastian and Ethan Alexander

Twin Girls: Emily Rose and Paige Madison (my DD's name so would have to come up with another name if I was to have twin girls)

Twin G/B: Blake and Emily, or Blake and Paige, or Ethan and Paige (not Ethan and Emily)

Good luck with the name choices. We struggle to agree on anything so I couldn't imagine having to pick 4 names!!
WOW....something to think about......

Boys: Cairo James (DS's name) and Malachi Jay

Girls: Bakari Maddisyn and Malikah Isobel

Both: Cairos James and Bakari Maddisyn

girls: Violet, Elsie
boys: Henry and????? (took long enough to come up with a name for DS so i would be crap coming up with another two!!

girl/boy: Violet and Henry..

good luck (i am twin and my bro and i have completely different names and initials which i like),..
I hope your scare has settled down. It is hard having a 'high risk' pregnancy, which all twin pregnancies are. I found there was enough to worry about with singletons.

I'm expecting identical girls - 34 weeks now. i don't know how people can resist finding out the sex at the scans. Before finding out the flavour it seems like so much energy to expend thinking up extra names. All my babes have been named well before they're born - I can't quite settle until they are named. For me, knowing the sex and their names is part of the pre birth bonding.

Our girls have been named since about 20 weeks - Sanna (pronounced Sah-nah) and Zoe. Middle names are after grandmothers. Zoe is on my right and Sanna is on my left, and I feel I've already bonded with them individually. It's so exciting! I don't think having matching or similar names is good for their individual identities. I hope Sanna and Zoe are different enough names, but do think they sound nice together.

We like short names, that aren't too difficult to spell. Even though lots of people assume Coen is spelt Cohen, and people ask how we'll spell Sanna, I figure they shouldn't need telling too many times as they're short names.

I think the names you're considering are nice. Good luck finding the right ones!


I love your choices of:

Hamish Mathison and Ryder Willem. ( what about Willem Ryder??)

Bethany Wintah is very pretty, LOVE Indiah Willow.
Our DD2 was to be India until my due date hubby changed his mind to Indiana, our second choice was Willow!! We also have a DD, Ella, so looks like we have similar tastes.

not one to say bad things about others name choices but...
'Willem (willy) Ryder' - 'Will he ride her'

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Hi princessdora,
Firstly, congratulations on twins, I have identical twin girls that are almost nine months.

I don;t think twins should be named similar names as it is totally confusing for people who aren't around frequently and twins get mix up enough as it is. Also if they have young cousin is is really difficult, particularly if they are identical. Our nephew and nieces tell our twins apart by mini Matilda (she is considerably smaller)and Kaitlyn.

Cheers Liz
Boys: Isaac Henry & Wyatt Raymond

Girls: Bridget Victoria & Siobhan Josephine

Boy & Girl: Isaac Henry & Bridget Victoria

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