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Campbell and Cooper Lock Rss

What do you think of these two names,they are the only ones my husband and i agree on....

my sister thinks Campbell people will think of Campbell soup?

Have a little one Jack already??
Hi there,
I like Campbell - don't think of the soup when I hear it. I don't mind Cooper. Jack and Campbell sound good together!

I prefer Jack and Cooper! Campbell is nice too though, didnt remind me of the soup.
Love the name Campbell.
I would choose Cooper. I love that name, its high on my faves list.


I LOVE the name Cooper!!!! Jack and Cooper sound great together, i dont mind Campbell but to me its more of a surname than a first name iykwim?
Jack & Cooper! smile
I LOVE Cooper!!!!! but am i being bias.

My first born is named Cooper Jack.

To me Campbell is a strong name and Cooper is a softer name.

All the best.

P.S I don't think of soup when I say or hear the name Campbell.
I love Cooper i wanted to call my little boy Cooper but ended up naming him Saxon Cooper.
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