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Finally DH and I have agreed on names,only 10 days left,so about time!!
We have chosen Emily for girl but will call her Millie and for a boy Finn.We are stuck on middle names and need your advice.We are thinking either Niamh or Kate,love Niamh(means beautiful)as I am Irish so a bit of influnence there or Kate as its my grandmothers name,which goes better?Or any other options.
For boys DH loves William(who is my paternal grandfather),my choices are Eamonn as thats my dads name,James(who is my maternal grandfather)or Henry which is my mothers family name.Which sounds best?
We thought we would chose Emily for her birth cert so if she wanted to adapt her name when older she has a choice as Millie as a wee girl is cute but maybe not as sophisticated when older,what are your thoughts?I prefer Emelie but DH not keen!

Thanks in advance : )
Emily/Emelie is such a gorgeous name. I like Niamh for the middle name.
Emily Kate Niamh is pretty if you want to do 2 middles

Finn Henry William is nice too.

I think Emily is nicer than Emelie. Millicent is cool too and Milena.
I like Emily Niamh, its a little bit differant and has a beautiful meaning! And for Finn i like Finn Henry! And i like the spelling of Emily simple like this, at least you shouldnt have to spell it for everyone!
I'd choose Emily Niamh & Finn William!
Good luck deciding!

Emily Niamh and Finn William smile

Why not use 2 middle names? I like Emily Kate Niamh and William Eamonn Henry.

Whoops sorry I just saw that you had chosen the name Finn for a boy. Then maybe Finn William Henry or Finn Eamonn Henry.

I love Millicent (it's my cat's name)! I've never thought of Millie as a nn for Emily before but I s'pose it works.

As for middle names I like Niamh and Eamonn or Henry.
Thanks guys,we still not sure on what to use on boys middle names,maybe Finn Henry James????
Does Millie work as nn for Emily?Its the only full name we agree on that works as Millie as nn.Even though Emily is a pretty name as it is I feel.
The only thing is dh mother has a cat called Millie,and that had put us off but then we thought what the hell,we like the name and its the only one we agree on!But I know our SIL who is a loudmouth will make some sacastic comment about us having the same name as the cat,I am trying to think of a quick comeback if she comes out with anything,which I am 100% positive she will,its in her nature to be like that!
I am quite liking Emily Kate Niamh bur not sure if we want 2 middle names as our dd has 1 middle name,does that make a difference?
Great to hear your opinions,please keep them coming.....what a great way to find out what everyone thinks without telling family and friends,thanks again : )
I don't think it matters if one child has two and the other one. My brother has two and we all have one.

Finn Henry James is nice and Emily Kate Niamh is pretty.
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