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  5. DH not much help in choosing a boy's name, so......

DH not much help in choosing a boy's name, so...... Lock Rss

...I've taken it upon myself to narrow down the list we did have!!! Only 8 weeks till baby comes! Hopefully this is my last post on this subject!!

Chase (love this and so does DH but sounds funny with our last name 'Jeffrey' - like you're commanding someone to chase Jeffrey. A real shame because I LOVE IT)

Lachlan (loved this then made the mistake of telling my mum what she thought and she turned her nose up at it and I kindof went off it, I know that I shouldn't have cared what she said!)

Rylan (I love it but DH isn't so keen, and I think it's going to cause more confusion than anything, also I still want a future daughter to be 'Isla' and think Rylan sounds too similar to this)

Declan (We think it's OK)

Ryan (I am really liking this name at the moment, DH does too. I think it sounds good with DS1, Callum. Only concern is it's very very popular ATM)

Am thinking of using:

Ryan Chase Hamilton (Jeffrey)
Ryan Chase Evan (Jeffrey)

WDYT? Thanks in advance for your comments people! smile

Haha once again I think the first one flows better. Evan is also nice for a first name and also Eamon which is kinda similar...just a thought!

Oooh sad cause I really like Chase too! I personally don't think Chase Jeffrey sounds bad, but if YOU think it does now, then naming bubba that will prob haunt you for life haha!

I like Ryan - nice choice. Does sound excellent with Callum too smile

So.. In my personal opinion I would go with Ryan Chase Hamilton Jeffrey, I just love how it flows.. Ryan Jeffrey sounds awesome!

Good luck choosing, it's not easy and such a permanant decision! Pity DH isn't a touch more helpful smile Not long to go now, woohoo!!

Ryan Chase Hamilton - absolutely LOVE it smile

Rylan although I like it - is a bit confusing and especially so if you'd like to use Isla one day. Agree about Chase Jeffrey, just sounds a bit silly (sorry :S). Declan I dont mind it, neither here nor there...

Good Luck!
I like Lachlan, Declan & Ryan, Declan is the least popular.
I love Evan as a first.

I dislike Chase but 1 flows better.
I reckon Ryan flows really well.. so i would pick that one.. smile

My fav name is Rylan but i agree if you want to use Isla one day the two togther are a bit of a mouthfull!
Ryan Chase Hamilton Jeffrey sounds the best in my opinion! As does Callum and Ryan!

Good luck!
Thanks for the replies smile I can't believe my DH now! Just ran Ryan Chase Hamilton by him again and he now says he isn't keen on Ryan!!! After he told me last week that he liked it! GRRRRR, men are so difficult!!!!!

Well now after a discussion last night my husband says he LIKES the name, he just doesn't LOVE the name. So he has changed his mind yet again! Men! My friend says I should just stick to my guns! It's not like DH is coming up with any names!

How did you decide on Callum?
Maybe put a list of ones you like up on the fridge.

Let us know if you want some more suggestions.
i liked Ryan too but changed to Rylee cause it was less popluar then found out i was having a girl and chose Roxie instead

I just came across 'Callum' one day (in a baby name book or the net, can't remember) and instantly fell in love with it. DH liked it too, but as I recall didn't LOVE it, and now he agrees he can't see any other name on him, suits him perfectly.

Aunty Anna - would love more suggestions smile Something that goes with Callum but also goes with our tricky surname!

selsbels - I like your girl's name - but might be biased as it's also my name! wink

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