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Unique Names - suggestions or opinions welcomed! Lock Rss

Hi All

My name is Dani and DH and I are expecting our first baby in September 2006.

We are stressing early about names. Boys names are set but we are finding girls names pretty hard.

Anyone else having the same trouble?

So far we have the following-

Boys - Orion Henry *fave at moment
Kohen James

Girls - Matisse *fave at moment
Kaleah Treacy (my middle name)

We like Patricia or Ruby for a middle girls name also as this was my nan's name who passed away almost a year ago. She was like a second mother to me and would love to use her name if we have a great grand daughter for her. She was the one who couldnt wait for me to have babies and unfortunately she passed only 6 months before I fell pregnant.

Any suggestions or opinions would be openly appreciated.

Unique or Unusual is my preference as you can see.

Thanks to all for reading and best of luck with your pregnancies/births/babies smile

Dani xoxo

Mummy to Orion - The star in our universe!!

hi Dani
I like the sound of Matisse Ruby it sounds pretty.
here is a site which has a list of baby names that i like to have a look at
good luck with it
Hi Dani,
They are all great names... i love em!
I really like Patricia for a middle name too.
i like unusual names... but i also like some names which are known, but not too common, like Chantelle and the one you mentioned Mattise is cute too
Good Luck! All the best gasp)
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