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Period after birth Lock Rss

Hi there,
I know this is not the best topic, but others might have similar things on their mind. Well I pretty much started getting my period regulary just 1 month after birth, has this happened to anyone else? I have asked a few freinds who have had kids, and they say that they got theirs b/w 9 months to a year after birth....wonder why i got mine so soon?
I have never been on the pill, could this be a reason?
Hi Proud Mummy,
I got my period back at 8 weeks after my daughters birth and 6 weeks after my son's birth. Are you breastfeeding at all or bottle feeding? I only breast feed my daughter for 6 weeks fully then comp feed her up to 3mths so my period returned pretty much after I had stopped fully breastfeeding her. And with my son it came at 6 weeks, I only feed him for 2 weeks before putting him fully onto a bottle.
I was never on the pill either as I'm unable to take it as it pushes my BP up, so not sure if this could be a reason it returns sooner.
I was told it will come back earlier if you are not fully breastfeeding but dont' know if that is true or not.


I got my period the month after I gave birth to my son, I was never on the pill prior. I think it's just different body hormones going through it's stages. Other than that, having your period is bound to come sooner or later.
i know its a bit of a late reply but i got my period 5 months after my 1st dd birth....she was breastfeed for 2 years. my period returned 6 weeks after the birth of my 2nd dd birth...i am still breastfeeding her and my period is regular. so im not sure that the method of feeding has anything to do with it or the type of contraception.
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