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Which boy name do you prefer? Lock Rss

I am having an awful time trying to come up with a boy name option! So far we have shortlisted:
1. Theodore (Theo/Ted)
2. Sebastian (Seb)
3. Leo

Which name do you prefer?

(Just some background, my 11mnth old DD is Annabelle, and I'd like the sibling names to work together. Also, if this bub is a boy, the middle name has to be William).

Thanks for your help! smile

Of your 3 choices, I like Sebastian. Its a lovely name and not common at all.
Also the little boy in the movie 'The never ending Story' is named Sebastian.

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

I prefer Leo.
Leo & Annabelle smile
If my DD turned out to be a DS, she would have been named Sebastian so that is the one I would choose from your list. Next I would choose Leo and finally Theodore. Best wishes!

Leo smile
My son is Sebastian, but Leo (and Annabelle actually) were all on my list. So I'd go Sebastian or Leo.

(And thanks ebay addict, everyone asks me where I got the name Sebastian from and all I could rememeber was that I watched a movie or tv show when I was young and liked it then, now I remember its the never ending story)
I'd go with Sebastian, Leo is really popular at the moment (3 in the babies room at DD's daycare) and i'm not overly keen on Theodore.
hey.. i like Sebastian William the best - sounds great!
good luck
I am going to be the only one who says this but I think Theodore William says the best.

Sebsastian William has a similair ending in each name which makes it harder to say.
I love the name Leo but i like Sebastian too & think it goes best with Anabelle!

Sebastian & William do have similar end sounds but u could fix that by just using Sebastian Will!

Good luck choosing!

[Edited on 12/10/2009]

I like the name Theodore out of your list the best.

Good Luck
I like Theodore best out of your three names.

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