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Really really need help...Deegan _______? Lock Rss


I just found out that I'm expecting a boy at our 19wk scan (we had a girl's name all picked out because intelligender said we were havin a girl) and my partner is insisting on naming our baby Deegan but I can't seem to find a middle name to go with it. Our last name is only 4 letters.

I like Deegan James but my sister has a 7month old baby called Vincent James so that is out. I would prefer it to start with a J so he can be nicknamed DJ (because I can't think of any other nicknames for Deegan) but anything that goes with Deegan will be considered and greatly appreciated.

Also was wondering has anybody heard of a child with the name Deegan??

Deegan Jack
Deegan Joel
Deegan John
Deegan Josiah
Deegan Joshua
Deegan Jedidiah
Deegan Jeremy
Deegan Joseph
I had never heard the name until now but I quite like it.

Deegan Jack sounds really good!

I love this name but DP doesn't. A local boy born in April this year is the only other Deegan I know of.
Good luck

hey i love this name, and i think Deegan Joel flows really nicely smile
good luck with everything though xo

i know of one gorgeous little Deegan. His middle name also begins with a J.

nn could be Deegs

there's no reason why you can't still use 'James' as a middle name if you like it.
We've actually got Deegan picked if our bub is a boy! So yep, I like it!!

And I'd still use James for a middle name if you want... or maybe Jack? Or Joshua?

Good luck!


Good luck..
my friends little boy is called Deegan

and they call him Deegz as a n.n

I really like the name Deegan!
Its what 1 of the crusty demon motorbike riders are called!
(even tho its actually his surname!!)
I like Deegan Joel best but what about ~
Deegan Jay
Deegan Jamie
Deegan Jesse
Deegan Josh
Good luck deciding!

My DH wanted Deegan so bad for one of our boys. I just couldn't come to it so one of our sons has it as his middle name and its also the name of one of our companies instead LOL

Our DS was going to be Deegan John if we used it but that was cause 'John' is a family middle name. Other suggestions

Deegan Jye
Deegan Jace
Deegan Jay
Deegan Josh
I know a little boy names Deegan and he gets Deegs as a nickname. I think its very cute!!! Yet still definatly a boys name!

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