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Best way to spell Lock Rss

What is the best way to spell Isla?
I do like the traditional spelling, but worry it will cause confusion with the silent "S".
or any other variations?
[Edited on 17/10/2009]

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

Isla - i wouldn't spell it any other way
I love your sig Mrs Evil!!!!! I am the biggest Austin Powers fan!!!

Oh back to the topic - its hasssss to be ISLA!!! No other way
We have Isla picked too! I love it. I think it's best to spell it ISLA! smile

Isla. Its at 30 in NZ and looks to rise in popularity in Aus.
Aila- I would say Ay-luh.
Yes it was at number 30 last year, but that was the first time it was in top 30. I don't want an extremely popular name, but I think being on 30th most popular there shouldn't be too many Isla's in one class or preschool.
We still may go with Felicity.

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

Isla is on our list too!
I've seen it spelt Ilah, but I prefer Isla.
Posted by: kird08
I love your sig Mrs Evil!!!!! I am the biggest Austin Powers fan!!!

why thank ye kindly smile
Funny, I always thought it was said Eye-la... is that how you would say it? But we have friends who have a little girl Iz-la (but spelled Isla).

I would definitely keep it as Isla, it is really pretty.

Yep it is said Eye-la! smile And I think if we go with Isla we will spell it traditional way

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

Would spell it ISLA and think that it's becoming more popular now so people are pronouncing it properly, Eye-La.

Beautiful name, also on short list smile

Isla is the best!

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