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What are your favourite names right now? Lock Rss

Mine are Aurelia and Emilio
mine is Jack & Daytona.

mine are Rylan and Charlotte (Charli)

Mummy to a dd born the 29/02/2008
Ds born 26/08/2010
Baby Girl due 16/10/2012

Hmm girl's name is easy - Isla!
Boy's name is trickier as there are a few (as you may know) but if I had to say one then it would be Flynn smile

am super happy with the names of my wee dudes (Amelia and Archie) but if i was picking more names now my favs would be Violet and Henry..
How is Aurelia pronounced?????

i have an Ariellah which is still my fav but to have another i love Oliver (Elli and Olli) and Halleria (ariellah spelt backwards)
I love Rico and Archie for a boy, and Coco and Jazz for girl

Ryder and Lalani (although would never use it cos last name starts with L)

Natasha and Sebastian.

Posted by: Lachlan*sMum
Natasha and Sebastian.

Sebastian has always been a real favourite of mine, but it is a name that I would just be too scared to use, don't know whay because I love it.
Or-REE-L-uh is how I say it I know theres several ways smile
Regan (ray-gan)


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