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What are your thoughts on Chase Jeffrey??? Lock Rss

Had to start a new post with this question:

What do you think of the name Chase Jeffrey? Jeffrey being the surname. Baby due in a month and if it's a boy this is a name we are considering. Please be honest, I will not be offended!!

Full name will be Chase Hamilton Jeffrey (if we go with it).


You know what I think tongue I think it sounds too much like someone saying to chase Jeffrey. I like Flynn, Ryan & Lewis better smile
I am a bit with Anna

If you had a surname like Jones so 'Chase Jones' I think it would be fine. But given your surname is a name it sounds like you are instructing him to chase Jeffery and kids being kids I imagine he would get it all the time at school.

Havent you already asked this question a few times? My opinion is still the same, it sounds like you are saying 'Chase Jeffrey' (but you already know that! lol) so I personally wouldnt use it, but it seems that you keep going back to this name regardless, so you may as well go ahead and use it if you love it that much!
Yes I have asked the question before, but I didn't get many replies. I do love it, so may end up using it otherwise it will probably be a middle name...

I really like it & think u should go for it!!
Callum & Chase sound gr8 together!
My friends just had a Chase Charles last week?!?!
(Charles is their surname! At least ur last name doesnt start with a ch??)
Names are so hard so if u find 1 u both love i think just use it!
Good luck choosing but i think u've already decided!?! ;o)

LOL! You are obviously in love with this name and I think you should just use it. You don't get called by your first and last name together very often ...

Just go for it if you really love it. I wouldn't even have thought of it sounding like an instruction to chase someone named Jeffrey if it hadn't been pointed out.

Love it. Doesn't really cross my mind that it sounds like a command.

To be completely honest I would go with it.. You obviously like it and it sounds great with Callum.

Like McMum said, you don't get called first and surname very often..

That's just me anyway!!! Good luck! smile

Sorry I think it does sound like you are instructing some to chase Jeffrey. I like the name Chase, but I think it only works if your surname is not also known as a first name.

But that said that's just my opinion, plenty of people would hear it & think nothing of it.

I think Ryan or Flynn are both awesome names.
Hi there, I think that we think alike!! I am 6wks preg with our second and if we have a boy we are going to call him Chase Bradley Johnston. Our first Son is called Draven.

Good choice smile


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