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How can I use Reinhart? Lock Rss

My DH has a bit out there tastes with names, and he keeps coming back to this name as his favourite. His dad is german and DH has an older cousin back in germany who doesnt have kids with this name.

Whilst I dont think its a bad name (it has a nice meaning - brave/strong heart) I think a boy in Australia with this name would get teased.

What do you all think? Does anyone have any suggestions using this name in a different way? Would it make a bad middle name? I love the name Sam, which has one meaning of strong man, so Sam Reinhart would mean strong man, brave heart.

How does Sam Reinhart Kristensen sound?
Must say I'm not a huge fan of it but this is the first time I've heard it so sometimes names can grow on you iukwim!!?? I do like it as a middle name, I think it flows nicely with your other names. I also wouldn't worry too much about the teasing as I think every kid's name cops it from time to time


I like it as a middle. I prefer Samson or Samuel as a longer formal version.

Samson Reinhart Kristensen
Samuel Reinhart Kristenses.
I think its gr8 for a middlename & a good compromise so hubby gets to have the name he really likes too!

I love just Sam too! So short & sweet with ur long surname!

Sam Reinhart Kristensen sound fab! Good luck deciding!

hey.. i can relate to your dilemna as my husband is Danish and wanted a Danish name that was a family one (and i didn't love) - so i put it in as his second middle name - and it works well.. it is a similar type of name to yours, and i think it flows well... kept the family happy too!!!
good luck
I love it! Sam Reinhart Kristensen or Samson Reinhart Kristensen.

either way I think it is lovely to compromise with your DH if it is important to him. And as a middle name it wont get used all that often anyway.
i think it has a fantastic flow to it.not a name i would think of but reading it,it looks great and sounds great.the meanings of the names together are amazing!
Not a huge fan of it as a first name but I like it as a middle name mixed with Sam. The name is growing on me the more I look at it too.
i love sam/son reinhart kristensen

another suggestion would be to use just Rein as the first name. but i really love the meanings, strong man, strong heart.

I really like it for a middle name. Personally I would use Samuel and Sam for short. But I agree with everyone that it all flows nicely with your surname.

Thanks all for your replies! I think its a great compromise so its a the top of the list for me.

Now onto girls names??? The only name both DH and I like is Rachel but I am not sure about using it. I like the name but dont know if its the name for my daughter IYKWIM?

Any suggestions for girls names?
I am biased and love the name for your boy I have a Sam, and it is just Sam, not Samuel, Samson or anything else, but at times i think i should have put his name on the birth cettificate as "just Sam" as EVERYONE asks if Sam is short for anything, and i always say, no "just Sam" lol.
Love the name Rachel as well, its a feminine name that goes through the eras, not to bold not over the top. Other girls names i love are
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