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Do you think its ok for the father and son to have the same name.
I am 9 weeks pregnant and I already have 1 boy and 1 girl.

My hubby wanted to name our son after him and I said no cause I dont like the father and son to have the same name.

So I convinced him to name our son something else.

I was silly and told him if we ever had another son he could name him after him.
I didnt think we would have a third child.
So now I really hope that I have a girl so I wont have to deal with this but I really think I am having a boy.
Even though I dont want him to have dads name I cant think of any boys names that I like.
Has anyone else had this same problem and what did you do to get out of it.



i am 28wks pregnant with my first bub and don't know wat i am having.

when trying to think of a boys name my man suggested we name him Derek, after him. i said no coz it would be to confusing. but everytime i suggested another name he said no coz he really wanted Derek. his dad and grandfather and great-grandfather were all named Derek aswell. so i came to a compramise. (so to speak)

we will call him Derek Kurt and just use Kurt in everyday life so we don't cause any confusion.

good luck in deciding!

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Hi Proud mum of 2,

I have only just had this exact same conversation with my husband! when we had our first son my husband did NOT want to name him after himself and i was fine wih that because it really wasnt my cup of tea (Alan-not modern enough) but now all of a sudden he wants our next child to be named after him! so i had a think about it and it really is a great honour for him i guess. I also tryed to comprimise with him by saying if we have a girl then we will name her the female version (Ella) but call it a different name if it is a boy (to save confussion) but he dosnt like the girls version so who knows!smile

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I think thats cool naiming ur baby after the dad, but if you dont want that then you shouldn't do it cos it should really be a joint decsion and a name both of you agree on.

bec xo

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