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Arden Lock Rss

I recently discovered this name and have fallen in love with it. It can be used for either sex but i prefer it for a girl.
Arden is Celtic and means eager, passionate and also valley of eagles.
what do you think?

I know someone with a little boy Arden so i think of it more as a boys name but i think it would work for a girl smile Love it
Congrats on your pregnancy! grin

I was recently helping a friend look for names for her little girl and came across it myself - I love it! And like you said although it can be unisex I can see it on a girl.

I also like Arlen.
I love Arden for a boy! It is quite unisex though and in saying that if i used it for a girl i would spell it Ardyn to make it look a bit more girly iykwim?
I first think of the perfume Elizabeth Arden, I know a wee girl Arwen that is pretty too. or Aderyn which means bird.

I prefer Arden on a girl and I wouldn't change the spelling as it looks made up.
Friends of ours have a little girl named Arden, I love it.

We have other friends who have a daughter named Aspen, which I love too.

I really like Arden but to me its a boys name mostly because of the Irish comedian Arden O'Hanlon, who is really funny.

But I think it would still be ok for a girls name with a really girly middle name.

Arden Felicity
Arden Grace
Arden Mikayla
although i think it's too harsh a name for a girl the only thing i can think of when hearing 'Arden' is 'Elizabeth'
Thank you for your replies. Its stil only very early days but i do really love this name. Middle name will be Yvonne after my grandmother.

I just think its beautiful, Arden Yvonne S....
And after TTC for 27 months i love that it means eager and passionate.

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