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Elias the name is really growing on me just thought id ask wat you all think... this time round its my turn to name bub i think im guna struggle with boy names lol..

i really like Eli (E - lie) as a NN.. just want to quickly question the pronounciation tho.. Elias to me is said El - lie - as.. i think its a Senovas ad that has an Eee - Lee - us talking which i really dont like... do u think if i pick Elias that it will get mispronounced?? how would you pronounce it? & also is Eli as NN to close to have an Aunty Elly??? i also forgot to ask which middle name you think is best?? Elias Henry or Elias Raymond TIA
[Edited on 11/12/2009]
hey i like it, its different. i would pronounce it the same way as you are. there are always gonna be people that mispronounce names, people still get my daughters name wrong (hers is Kayla). But if you love the name does it really matter if it sometimes gets mispronounced, just correct them. Eli as a nick name is great and no i dont think it matters if its close to Aunty elly.
With the middle name i like them both
hope some of this helps
good luck

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

I love the name Elias. I would pronounce it as Ee-lie-(rhymes with eye)-us. For the nn would say Ee-lie (rhymes with eye). I dont think it's a problem having an Aunty Elly at all.

Middle name I like Elias Henry smile
I like it. I pronounce it Elle-e-us, if that makes sense.
if you like the NN Eli, how about Elijah?
[Edited on 11/12/2009]

I LOVE the name Elias! Iv always pronounced it E-lie-us. Eli is a great nn and definetly doesnt matter that he has an Aunty Elly! My choice would be Elias Henry!
Our friends have an Elias and they pronounce it like you do. I like it, its a great strong name. smile

I love it, we pronounce it the same as you, our sons name is Eli (which i love) but sometimes wish that we names him Elias and nn Eli, as people mispronounce his name as Elly.

Good Luck

I like it E-lie-us, Elias Henry is lovely smile
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