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cant decide on a name....... Lock Rss

hi i really like the name shari for a girl (no middle name picked out cause i cant think of one that sounds ok any ideas) but my bf hates it i cant find it in any baby name books so i cant find a meaning for it but what does everyone think is it a horrible name or not

other names we have chosen are teigan, lily, sharni for a girl and isiaha for a boy but im not really liking any of them that much so ideas would be great..

lauryn, dallas, and teigan

On this website Shari is voted as an excellent name but it doesn have a meaning...

On this website Shari mean Princess

I think its nice, different but nice...

Shari Rea
Shari Mae
Shari Kay

They sound nice together...

I can see your dilemma...............
I have a friend whose daughters name is Shari-Ann.

In a babys name book i have the meaning for Shari which said it was a hungarian version of Sarah. Another only had Shar which means "king" so i can understand Shari meaning "princess".

What about changing the spelling of Teigan to Teighan or Teaghan.

What about Isach, Izac instead of Isiaha?

I hope some of this helps.

Half Way with Ist bub.
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