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Do siblings names need to match or fit? Rss

Just wondering what others think?

Some from this blog
got me thinking.

Tyran, Jiah, Zali & Kye

Judah & Zedekiah

Shae & Javier

Isabella & Rubi

Did you pick your children's name to match their siblings?
i like to pick names that compliment each other.. i test how well they sound when i say em all together.. i think the style of the 1st name sets up for what you choose to have on your list for the next.. (or maybe thats just me)

i myself having picked a traditional name the 1st time round would like to pick other traditional names that arent overly popular...
I dont think it has to do with purposely finding a 'matching' siblings name. I think it's attributed to liking a particular style of name. For example I like the more unusual/modern name. I dont like classic names for my children. So therefore you wouldnt find me using a sibset of say Ruby and Zahli, because to me they are 2 very different styles. Although occasionally some names do blur the liines of the set style. To explain, (just as an example) a name like Jonah, to me a biblical/older style name, is now crossing the line to becoming somewhat 'trendy'.

The sibsets you've listed above to me all 'match' to a particular naming style.

1st set = modern/unusual
2nd set = biblical?
3rd set = a bit abstract, this set doesnt really seem to 'match' to me
4th set = classical

well that's my interpretation anyway....
my 3 girls all have names with an irish meaning, with our 4th bub we are having another irish name because they seem to fit with each other, each to their own though.

I think they need to fit in some way. They have to sound alright together when you say them one after another.
I think that people tend to have a naming style so the names will fit into that particular style. My style is more traditional so all my children will have fairly common names. Spelling is the same. I think if you go with an unusual spelling for the first then subsequent children will need unusual spelling to make the names look right together.
Eg. I know a family where the first 3 had quite modern names and spelling and the 4th had a much more traditional name, everyones first reaction was 'Oh Dad must have named her' because the name didn't fit with the rest.
I don't think they need to match as such but i do like names that flow when you say them...

I have always thought of my naming style as modern but in saying that Izaak is an older traditional biblical name (but not chosen for that reason) whereas Kyan is more modern.

To me it is very important for siblings names to all have their own sound. I come from a family of five children, and my Mum did really well to give us all very different names - they all start with different letters and have different sounds ie. one name finishes with an ee sound, another with an en sound etc etc.
Now that I am having children of my own I am trying really hard to think of names that sound good together, without repeating any letters/sounds.
i dont think i have a style as such each of my kids has a different name
i have too names which are popular atm, one of which is spelt the "wrong" way (Noah and Isobel, in stead of Isabelle)
and my oldest is Tia, which is in no way different spelling to Mia which is really popular atm. DF just said it one day and we loved it. and it isnt popular.
and with Noah i guess you could say it was a biblical thing, because a) he was born on easter sunday b)it was pissing down rain when he was born and c) he was born in the shower lol and he kinda just looked like Noah to me.
really struggling with the 4th name, i dont want to think about it lol

The thought didnt even cross my mind to choose matchingh names for my girls..

We chose names that we both agreed on.

Posted by: bek2p1b+?
one of which is spelt the "wrong" way (Noah and Isobel, in stead of Isabelle)

That's the 'right' way IMO! lol smile
lol glad someone agrees
we are always telling people how to spell it lol im sure she will hate us for it but we prefer it that way

Isobel looks prettier to me smile
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