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Holly Rss

What does everyone think of it ?
I think its cute and not very common, even though it sounds as if it would be smile
I think its beautiful and very pretty.
Yep, I really like Holly. Very pretty. Was on our list for DD2.
We had Holly Emersyn picked.

Love it!
Thanks. i think its pretty too. i just thought of it randomly one day and it just clicked smile its also the first name me & my partner have agreed on. what did you end up chossing instead ?
love it - not too popular, and very pretty
I like Holly too!
In NZ last year it was #25 on the most popular girls names list, with 134 babies being given that name.
Too cute! I love it.

We ended up going with Indiana Rose.
I just couldn't decide between the 2, loved them both equally, and hubby loved Indiana more so we went with that seeing as he could make up his mind, lol.
Never believed in it before, but she looked more like an Indi than a Holly too.
Have you got any middle names you like?

yes Indianna is such a pretty name. especially with rose as a middle name.
Im thinking Marie as a middle name, because its mine and its my mums aswell so its sort of like a tradition thing haha.
but i dont think it sounds bad. Holly Marie? It's quite pretty.
Holly Marie is very pretty. I know two sibsets with Holly,
Hannah (RIP), Holly & Emma/ Hannah & Holly.
Holly Marie is beautiful

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