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Girls names? Rss


i am due in 5 weeks with my 2nd girl. My DD name is Riley Claire. We are still really struggling to come up with another girls name
At the moment i like Marley but are they too similar sounding??
My partner likes Matilda which i dont mind but im not exactly loving it.

Any suggestions would be great


hey... i really like Marley, although i am normally into older names.. it is pretty and goes well with Riley i think.. good luck
I much prefer Marley / Mahli / Mahlee with Riley. And I dont think that they are too similar at all. Not a fan of Matilda.
I like it spelt Marli...I think its gorgeous. I think Matilda is a bit of a pretensious name
Marley and Riley are too similar in my opinion. I quite like Matilda - there are so many cute nicknames you can make from it as well.
I absolutely LOVE Matilda! But DH hates it so it isn't on our list (although he did buy me a kitten and called it Matilda!)

Marley is also cute. A friend recently spelled it Marlee which I like.

Good luck!

I prefer Matilda with Riley myself.
Though both names are nice.

I like Marlo/Marlowe with Riley.
Matilda and Riley sound gorgeous together... there are some cute nicknames from Matilda too - Tilly, Tilda, Mattie smile] Goodluck!

Marley is beautiful but very popular atm, & as u said they r very similar sounding I am not so keen on Matilda she wld only get Matty anyways. Although I luv luv luv as a girls name Maddie i am expecting another girl in 2 weeks and spewing my kids have an unky Mathew (call him Unky Matty), =(

Mumma of 3.

I love Allyrah said "A-leer-A"
or Arlia
Good luck

Mum of Kadie Rose, Taya Makaylee & Tianah Reubie

I like that name marley... i also like the name Mia, Myra, sophia, Maggie, Maddie, Melanie... I'm sure whatever you choose you will get use to and love. I'm not sure myself what to call my baby on the way... but i got told to stand at the end of the hallway and yell out a name you like if it sounds right then you will know. LOL

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