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Will and Grace Lock Rss

DH has had his heart set on Grace for a girl since we found out we were pregnant with DS.
DS is William, Will for short.
Would Will and Grace be just to weird?
All I can think about s the T.V

The first thing that I thought of was the TV show too. I personally wouldnt use it.
hey.. i don't think it is a big deal, and i wouldn't mind using it if you love both those names (which i do).. the programme will be a relic of the past by the time your children are at an age where they get hassled about assocciations... you could introduce your children as Grace and Will instead if that helps.. lol..
i say go for it...
Grace is such a beautiful name smile

I agree with the PP when your children are older the TV show will definitely be a thing of the past. But yes thats all I could think of when I saw your post smile

I wouldn't stress too much about it though, its up to you and if u love the name Grace dont be disheartened with the fact that you named your son William.

Good luck smile

I would use it anyway, Will & Grace is lovely.

I actually know siblings named Will and Grace, have to say I was a bit shocked when they did it!lol
I do agree with the other in saying that the tv show will not be known forever, but as soon as I saw your post I immeditaely thought of the tv show. but its not necessarily a bad thing.

Both are nice names on there own, but I thing the show would put me off using it.

I think they are both beautiful names and even though I did think of the tv show I don't think it's a big deal. If you love the names, use them.

You could always refer to your children as William and Grace with people you don't know.

I would go with your 1st instinct on this one. I think people wld be thinking exactly what u r on this one.

Mumma of 3.

Thank you for all of your comments.
We are no closer to deciding, good thing we have plenty of time.

both lovely names on there own, but no way could i put them together! way to comical. sorry!
i think i would find it a bit odd, especially since you will always say it in that order due to their ages.

i don't think it would be weird for them when they grew up though, unless foxtel are still going to be showing it in 20 years lol!!!

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