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Was anyone else crazy enough to tell their parents the names they were thinking of? Lock Rss

I did and I so wish I didnt sad
My parents hate both names we are thinking of for out twins (Cooper and Millie). Mum sent me an email saying how Cooper was an idiotic character in "cat on a hot tin roof" and the name of an american tyre brand and that Millie would get called "silly milly" in school and that I wasn't being very thoughtful of the poor child's future giving her such a name!
I have since told mum that I can't think of names anymore as its doing my head in however every now and then I keep getting suggestions from them for girls names, which feels a bit like a slap in the face...
I understand that they are very excited as this is their first (and possibly only) grandchildren but it just not helping me decide if I really want to go with the name DH and I picked (worried that I may be influenced by their opinion even if I am determined not to be).
Maybe I need to just tell them bluntly that I don't want anymore suggestions and they can wait til the birth to see what we choose?

Ok well thats my rant, just had to get it out. Am a bit overtired and hormonal at the moment which is probably not helping.


Awww u poor thing! That sux! U'll never make that mistake again! As if naming a baby (or 2) isnt hard enough!?!? I'd tell ur folks the names are going to be a secret since u know the sexes already! If u do use those names (which are adorable by the way!!) they will get over it once they see their gorgeous teeny tiny lil grandbabies!! Good luck! gasp)

o dear... i didn't tell my family that i had specifically chosen the names, but included them in the 'list' i discussed with them for my daughter (Amelia...nn Millie).. I know mum didn't like it, but i stuck with it and now she proudly tells everyone her name and how much she likes it!!! - although to be fair to my poor mother she would have NEVER said horrible things if i had said these are my definites - she would have just thought
second time round i didn't tell a sole but i knew my sil didn't like the name, but she got over it too...
so my point is stick to your guns - i know for me i would have regreted it if i hadn't used the names that i really loved - and your mother will love your children so she will get over it too!!! clearly i love your names so i say go for it!!!!
yessss! I did this too and my mum ( and sister) HATES our girl name - Zahli.

We thought about changing it, but both hubby and I love it - so - at the end of the day, it is us that will be using it. We have just told mum that we have changed the name and its a surprise, but if its a girl, we will still keep that name......and too bad for her!

My sister chose a name we did not like ( Greta) , but at the end of the day, its her taste - and we did not voice our opinion cos thats what she likes. And there is no poin hurting their felings when our taste is different

Stick to your guns!!!

There is NOTHING wrong with Cooper and Millie!

The stuff your mum is thinking of only old ppl would know anyway. Cooper is a well known name now, as if kids are going to have a problem with it. Millie is the same, and there will always be teasing, how much it effects children depends on how they are taught to handle it.

I say stick to your guns. If she asks again either tell her its a surprise or very bluntly tell her your sticking to your guns because its your choice to make and you dont want to discuss it anymore. If she tries to bring it up refuse to talk about it and change the subject or leave.
Your entitled to strong emotions while pregnant, may as well use them wink


I love the names you have chosen!

I learnt the hard way as you have done about telling my parents the name we chose for our first DD. When we announced our second and now third pregnancies we were asked have you thought of any names yet? We happily replied with names we would never use and knew they would not like. We kept up the charade the whole time and it is fun listening to my Mum saying how could you name your child that!

my mum and sister were the only people i told when i was preg with DS. (the father left when i told him i was preg) she didnt like the name i chose for DS (kobee james) the other name i had picked was jonah matthew but as soon as he came out she said its a boy what do u wanna call him and i was like kobee and she said good cos he's definately not a jonah. she says all the time now how kobee just suits him so well. i would go with the name u and your partner choose. its your baby not your mums.

WIth DS1's name we were lucky enough to not encounter any negative opinions. So when choosing DS2's name we blindly went along telling everyone, only to have so much bad feedback it was crazy! So we changed that name to another, still told everyone, still got bad feedback - by name number 3 we learned our lesson and stopped telling everyone.

I would just say "we arent telling anyone our chosen names anymore, you'll have to wait and see". Unfortunately in this day and age, we all know everything before the baby is even born! So everyone thinks that their 2 cents is wanted, when it's really no one elses choice but your own.

Stick to your guns, Cooper and Millie are lovely names.
Unfortunately I think everyone learns this lesson the hard way. I like your names and if you love them that is your choice. Your Mum got to name you so you get to name your kids, its just the way it works. At 22 weeks with twins I think you're well within your rights to throw a litttle hormonal tanty or two.

While pregnant with my DD we referred to her as Kevin and used the pronoun he the whole time, until she was born and we told everyone her name.

My DD's childcare director told me that when she was pregnant she got negative feedback so started telling everyone that they were naming their daughter Felicity Ursula (their last name starts with a K FUK).

My brother this week told me his top boys name and I had to smile and nod because I HATE it. But I would never tell him that as it is his, and his wifes, decision. Once they have a baby I will love the kid regardless of the name and I am sure the name will grow on me.

I also have a very close friend who named her son something I really don't like. But as her son has grown up (hes 2 now) his name has grown on me and it actually suits him.

The moral of my stories is YOUR baby, YOUR choice of name.
i did with first 2 kids but with this one we keeping it a secret as we know there be some who will like them some wont to be honest i dont care what anyone thinks its my baby im the one whos going to be saying name over&over so if they dont like it tough lol so keep chin up you name your baby what you like&dont let anyone tell you other wise!

Thanks everyone - I feel a lot better today about everything (amazing how a few hours sleep can change your perspective). I think I'll just say to my parents that they will have to wait until the babies are born to find out what we will name the girl, hopefully that way I'll get to keep some of my sanity (before looking after 2 babies takes it away!

:)Kate smile

Aww sorry your having a hard time hun!

Yep we made the fatal mistake of telling our mums what we would call our baby is she turned out to be a girl.. We had picked 'charlotte' and were in love with the name. Man did they hate it - We got told she'd be called a harlott the rest of her life simply because there was some stupid song in like the 60's with that title.

We ended up having a baby boy but second time around, after finding out I was carrying a girl I didnt tell either of them the name we had picked.. Yep we called her charlotte and you know what - they dont care now. While it might not be THEIR ideal name, they love my daughter to bits.

Just remember that - you call your babies whatever YOU want.. In the long run, they'll get over it and not care - all they'll care about is holding their beautiful grandchildren xx

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