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Levi or Isaac???? Lock Rss

Ok the two boys names we are down to are Levi and Isaac, Hubby really likes Levi, and for a middle name we are thinking Charlie?? My husbands middle name is Charles and as my DS2 has this and DS3 has his name Shane so try to keep it within the family!! Both grandfathers names are no go they are hidious!!! lol

Let me know what you guys think???


I like Levi the best ~ such a cool lil boys name!
Can u not even modify a grandparents name?? eg. My DS middle name is Will as i prefer it to William which is my dads name!
Levi Charlie still sounds gr8 tho! Good luck deciding!

I like Levi too. I would be hesitant about using Charlie again (well Charles/Charlie).

What is your name? (first middle or last) Is it maybe something you (or we) can work on? That way you get a look in too! lol Or agree with pp - is one of the grandfather's names "workable" too?
Prefer Isaac. Not keen on Charlie due to already having Charles. Do you have any brothers etc that you can use one of their names?

I love Levi! I would have it for our bubs but DH doesnt like it, he says its a bit too biblical for him. Levi Charlie is really cute!

i perfer Levi, and Levi Charlie sounds cute!
If you want to try and find something similar to Charlie there is a website called '' that might be helpful, or you could try 'baby name genie'
i vote Levi.
i noticed u signed your name Jules i think Levi Jules has a nice ring to it. i would be hesitant to use charles and charlie. maybe shorten it right down to Lee? but levi lee might be too many L's

what are your grandparents names? maybe combine some letters to make a name?

Thanks for your help.
Grandfathers names are Kenneth (no middle name)and Leslie Charles.
I don't have any brothers so can't use that either, and I don't have a middle name!! So my boys names are
DS1 Tyler Brian (different father)
DS2 Blake Charles (Middle name after pop and dad)
DS3 Brodie Shane (middle name after dad)
So don't know wehter it matters that we could have a different name or try and keep it in the family???

Thanks for your help we really need it only 3 weeks to go for me so we need a name for our little boy!!

I agree with lissii

I think "keep it in the family" and use YOUR name!! I'm assuming Jules is short for Julie? So what about...

Levi Julius - love this!
Levi Julian
Levi Jule
Levi Jules
Levi Julio
I like the suggestion of Levi Julian-after your name. It is also my sons middle name smile
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