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Which of these 2 names do you like the best Rss

1. Lydia~Rose Lois

2. Voilet Lois


hey... my fav is Violet Lois - really like it..
good luck
They are both such pretty names, I would say I'm leaning towards number 1 though. smile

Violet Lois for me although I do like Lydia.
We have ELly Violet picked (we're not even pregnant yet..LOL)

So i'll say Violet Lois

Violet smile
Definately Violet Lois ~ gorgeous! gasp)

Violet for sure.
Violet! Not a fan of hyphens or Rose smile
oh i just realised something.are you having a girl after 6 boys??
I love Lydia as a first name but out of the 2 I'd say Violet Lois
Thanks everyone

I am not pregnant but might get custody of a baby girl (8weeks) & I will be changing her name

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