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Do you have a reason for choosing the name you have/do?

With Morgan, when I was pregnant I suggested to DH any boys name I could think of and to most of them he said no as they reminded him of people he went to school with that bullied him. He had a negative association with those names. We actually have a friend with the name Morgan (best man at our wedding) and both happen to like the name so as soon as I found out he was a boy (at birth) I announced "Its a Morgan!!!

With Jack early on in the pregnancy one of DH's friends and someone he collaberated with on projects was tragically killed in a house fire. DH said to me if he was a boy then would I mind if we called him Jack in memory of his friend. lol it confuses people a bit I think as I'm Jaqueline but called Jaki or Jax wink

Name popularity hasn't come into consideration for us so I'm jsut curious, do you have a story behind your childs name?

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Our girls names are the only ones we actually agreed on.
It didnt come down to popularity or what woudl would go with that, that nver came into our minds.

I like Scarlett but hubby didnt.
For a boys name (if we have another baby an dits a boy) i love Mitchell but hubby doesnt so we have agreed on Adam.

Middle names are centamental, Elizabeth cos its my name and Kay as its hubbys late mums name.. Boys middle would be Kenneth after my dad.

dh picked the first names for both Tyler and Tegan. Just cos he liked them. the middle names have a bit more meaning. Malakai is the name i have always loved since forever. dh thought it was too odd to be a first name but was ok for it to be a middle. Tegan has 2 middle names. Olivia for my stepsister who cannot have kids but always said if she was able to have a girl, she would call her Olivia. Anne after my Mum who passed away in 2008.

popularity did not enter into any discussion. was simply what we both liked and could agree on. our names suit our kids to a t though (like most names, they always seem to suit the wearer in the end).
Our 2 DD's first names are both from books that we like, DH and I are big into fantasy books.

Second names are family names, 1st DD's is my sisters middle name (also born on her birthday!), 2nd DD's is my middle name.

For our 3rd its just a name we both decided we liked, not from a book we've read! Middle name will be taken from one of our mothers.

Posted by: mel2407
Our 2 DD's first names are both from books that we like, DH and I are big into fantasy books.

aww come on spill! what are they? i am also a fantasy reader. i wonder if it is after something i have read. you could pm me. pretty please ???

Before I was fell pregnant with DS, DH and I had already picked out a name for a boy. I mentioned the name Joshua to DH and he loved it, so it was quite easy. His middle name is William which is my late father's middle name and my late uncle's (who was like a father to me after I lost mine) first name. So DS has his own special name and one that belonged to 2 'father's' who I treasured and lost.

Luckily DS was a boy as we couldn't agree on a girls name.
There are many reasons!
I like the sound of it for a start, it's easy to say and spell (not as easy as I thought as some people do get it wrong but oh well, you can't win 'em all!lol), it doesn't end in 'a' so it goes with her surname and it isn't very common (my name isn't very common so I wanted her to have the same experience). This was the criteria when I was looking for a
Her middle name is Valentine and I've told the reasons behind it before but in case you missed it.. it's her great, great grandfather's name, it's the suburb her father and I grew up in and I got my BFP on Valentine's Day 2009 <3
I chose my son's name, I had a list of what I liked and then I was watching TV and there was someone called Tyler and loved it straight away, everything else went out the window, as me and Tylers dad had already split up I chose the first name, he took his dad's surname and the midle name we both agreed on, which is Thomas, Tyler's great grandfathers name on his dads side....people tell me I should have chosen all the names but his dad is still his dad I wasnt going to deny him anything. Popularity didnt have anything to do with the choice.

DD1 is Tannah Grace - we saw Tana in a baby name book and both really liked it but didn't like that spelling, plus hubby liked Hannah but I wasn't so keen.. so we went with Tannah. Grace as I wanted something simple to go with her unusual first name. We settled on her name very early on and never wavered from it. Didn't have a boys name picked as we knew she was a girl.

DD2 is Jamisyn Charli - Jamisyn is special to me as it's a place my grandfather used to go to a fair bit before he died (spelt differently though) and it's also the name of an Irish whiskey that I used to drink (back in my drinking days lol). Charli is for hubby's grandfather. We had a lot of trouble deciding on a girls name second time round, and only settled on Jamisyn about a month before she was born. If she had of been a boy, it would have been Deegan Charles.

We love both of their names, although they aren't everyones cup of tea.

we named our bub this because at the time her dad and i were going through alot of hard times together and then we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl who turned our world around, so she is our black rose, the beautiful rose who grew out of a dark time. lol, may be a bit much for some, i know, but her name suits her to a t.

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