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Naming after parents- pls help! Lock Rss

When I was pregnant, I wanted to name our baby girl after my mum... mum is Anna and I liked Annabelle. hubby liked it too, but his mum was always trying to give other suggestions. Im Italian and its kinda tradition to do this, although my parents dont mind otherwise of course, they're quite modern aged, but we happened to like the name. Hubby's family on the other hand dont have this tradition.
Anyway in the end we decided on another fave name we had which is Chantelle, and thats what we went with. That way no-one can say anything. My name is Michelle and hubby liked the idea of having Chantelle's middle name after me, but the Italian version which is Michelina (pronounced Mickelina) so thats what we did. Of course his family said it was my idea to do that.
Anyway if we have a boy next, I like the name Joshua (no family members name) and middle name I'd like it after my dad... and hubby likes it too. Dad is Leonardo, but I like the short version... LEON... so "Joshua Leon" but im worrying his family might get upset... should I worry about it?? I dont want hubby arguing with his family about it at all... what should I do?
Dear Proud Mummy,

While I feel for you and admire you for being concerned about your in-laws feelings, my thougt is at the end of the day this is a private decision between you and your DH. Your in-laws had their chance to use names from their family when they had children.

May I suggest that whenyou have your next child youo and your DH do not share with the family the name before the birth, that way you can not be upset by any comments his family might have. Hopefully once they see the bub they will be so overjoyed that the name will be the last thing on their minds.

I know it probably won't be easy for you but you should stick with what you and your DH like!

I'd have to agree with Lachlan's mum (Prev. Poster). Don't tell the family what name you are thinking of until the baby is born. I too had the dilemma of someone close (my grandmother) telling me how much they hated the name we picked out. AFter the baby is born and named, they will just have to live with it! And in the excitement of a newborn, they will deal with it.

James' Mum

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