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middle name for alexis Lock Rss

iam due with my 2nd child in only 15days an we still dont have a middle name for alexis ( we dont know the sex of the baby and we are happy with the boys name picked) any suggestions would be great ... whot do you think of alexis tiara ??
Hey goodluck. Just a few suggestions
Love the name Alexis!
Alexis Skye
Alexis Bree
Alexis Jade
Alexis Maree
Alexis Elise
Alexis Tiara? Hmm It sounds nice sounded outloud! to be honest I didnt like it when I read it! But out loud, yes I like it!

LEt us know how u go! smile
How was your pregnancy anyway?
God 15days to go! You must be so over being preggers! ay! I was 2wks O/D and my god did I just want it over with! lol

2 more sleeps

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