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Kyla? Lock Rss

I just came across this name and quite liked it and surprise surprise so does DH. But I do have a nephew called Tyler (is it too close?), but not to sure if we will see him much due to a recent family freud.

Anyways, what do you think? and any middle name suggestions? Thanks
I knew a wee Kyla, I think its pretty reminds me of Kayla & Kylie mixed.
Love it Mel!

Kyla Rose
Kyla Jade
Kyla Anne
Kyla Maree
Kyla Rebecca
Kyla Patrice
Kyla Olivia

Can think of others too if you like smile

Kyla Brooke.
Kyla Willow
I like it! I think it goes much better with Paige too (rather than Brooke imo)...

you could still use Brooke as the mn though?
Kyla Brooke sounds great!

Kyla Rae
Kyla Adeline
Kyla Harlow
Kyla Georgia / Jorja
Kyla Macey

oh and I wouldnt worry about them sounding similar - a lot of my relations all have the same sounding children's names! Not on purpose, but it must be genetic what we like when choosing a name smile lol
I think it's a very pretty name.
Very feminine and girly. It's a name that can be a baby name, but also a young girl, teenager & woman.

I have friends who have a Kyla, and other friends who have a Kyra.

I think they are both pretty smile

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

Kyla Jade as suggested in a previous post sounds really pretty.

I love Kyla, and also Kiah! except I have cousins called Khai and Kyle so I think thats a little too close for me... I think its fine with Tyler though!

love kyla smile

kyla marie
kyla jade
kyla renee
kyla faith
kyla louise
kyla zoe
kyla elise
kyla hope
kyla nicole
kyla jasmine
kyla desiree

i could go on and on lol

Thanks girls for the suggestions. When on a name hunt I discovered that Payton is an alternative for the name Patricia (which comes from Patrick) and that is my MIL's middle name. So I floated the idea of using Payton (or should it be Peyton?) for bubs MN and DH like the idea, wasn't 100% sold and was going to think about it.

For some reason Payton has grown on me since the first time I hear it and I much rather use Payton than Patricia for a MN. I don't want to use it as a first name and I don't like the combination of Paige (DD) and Payton. But, if DH agrees do you think Kyla Payton sounds ok? Or could you suggest another first name (prefer shorter ones)? Thanks
MMMmm. Very close to Tyler but doesn't stop me loving Kyla but then again Payton is growing on me.

Some suggestions lets think???


PEYTON is commonly the boy spelling, PAYTON the girls.

I love Kyla Payton i think it sounds lovely and really goes with your surname and with Paige, Good luck hun getting closer and closer


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