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Middle name for Mia Lock Rss

Hi everyone

DH and I have had the name Mia picked for a little girl for a few yrs now - well, we have a lil girl on the way! I'm still not too sure on middle names...there's a few I like:

Mia Rose
Mia Hope
Mia Lilly
Mia Jade
Mia Ella

But also open to any other suggestions. Mia Rose is probably the fave but I know how common both those names are, especially together....not that I really care too much. Anyway, just after some thoughts and ideas. Thanks!


I like Mia Lilly the best, I like the Maia spelling too.

Mia Willow
Mia Ellen
Mia Ruby
Mia Isobel
Mia Phoebe
Mia Aimee
Mia Amabel
Mia Simone
Mia Danielle
Mia Grace
Mia Hannah
Mia Joelle
Mia Leonie
Mia Vivienne
Mia Brooke
Mia Hope is my favourite of your list.

I also think Mia Louise sounds lovely
I like Mia Rose and Mia Jade smile

I like Mia Jade or Mia Rose the best from your list

Mia Mae (I dont normally like double initials, but I love this)
Mia Rae
Mia Dawn
Mia Eden
Mia Eve
Mia Elise
Mia Isla
Mia Isobel
Mia Paige
Mia Kate
Definitely Mia Jade from me.

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

My DD is Mia Elise... but i do like Mia jade as well.. My 11yo DD MN is jade though, so couldnt use it again..

8 babies..5boys 3 girls


i like mia jade and mia paige. i think maybe stick to a one syllable second name i think it flows nicely.

michelle."><img src="">http://lmtf.lilypie

My DD name is Mia Clare but we also considered using

Mia Jayne
Mia Paige
Mia Elise
Mia Hope

I liked all of these.
I have a friend who had a "Mia Rose" 3 weeks ago.

My DD is Mia Catherine. We use family names for middle names though smile

I like Mia Lilly from your list..

I also like Mia Charlotte...
Ooh you made it onto hot topics Carla! My favs are:-

Mia Rose (sounds gorgeous with your surname!)& Mia Jade smile

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