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Harper for a little girl.... Lock Rss

Hi All

Just wondering what people think of the name Harper for a little girl? it would be Harper Isabel

We aren't going to find out what we are having (unless of course little peanut is doing the starfish at our 18 week scan haha)

We already have our boy name chosen, Senon Ross, it means "given life by Zeus", but we are still arguing over the girls name. I love Grace and Harper but my partner likes Grace and Millie....
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So if you both like Grace... why the argument?

i absolutely totally love this name(harper).its so beautiful i wished i could have had it but hubby said no.i love love love it.
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I love Harper. I want to use it if we have another girl. It was my great grandmothers maiden name. Just beautiful. Grace is gorgeous too.

I adore the name Harper! I would love it if we have a girl, but our surname starts with "Ha" too and bit too much of a mouthful. Sounds great with your surname too.

I love Grace as well (DH won't let me have that one though for some reason??).

as much as I love the name Grace, they just seem to be everywhere at the moment. I don't want to send my kid off to school in 5 years with 5 other Grace's in the class haha

Thats why I came up with Harper, it's still beautiful but a little more different. I only know of one other little girl called Harper...

I am going to keep working on him =)

He came up with Senon and I wasn't sold on it but now I love it....

I love the name Harper
I love the name Harper !! but spelt Harpur as thats my mums maiden name...I told DP when he have a girl I want to call her harpur !!! he refuses lol and we are having a boy this time so next time maybe .. smile

I prefer Harper on a boy, I think Grace is lovely over used as a middle but still lovely up front smile
I think Harper is a beautiful name for a girl, I love it!

What a nice name I'd say do it! AND Keep working on him, its amazing how it grows on them just by you saying it (thats how we got Ruby! It just felt right when I was pregnant so I kept "HARPING" on at him hehehe!) Grace is very common these days but if you love it don't let that put you off.

And if he still says no, just let it rest for a while, and then after you've done all the hard work in labour and he's totally AWESTRUCK by your AMAZING birthing abilities just ANNOUNCE the name to everyone and I'm sure he'll be totally SMITTEN!
We women are POWERFUL beyond our realisations I think - we just need to use it to our benefit!!!! hehehe!!!!


Harper is such a gorgeous name for a girl... is to feminine for a boy I think

What about Harper Grace?

Good luck!
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