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middle name for Atlas Lock Rss

hi guys just wanna know some suggestions for a middle name for Atlas .......... Boge??? Its a hard one cause the first name is so different. I feel it needs to be strong as the first name Atlas represents strength.

Tanya, QLD, due 10/06/06 first baby

Just a few suggestions...
Atlas Gabriel (Gabriel means God is my Strength)
Atlas Kelley (Kelley means Warrior)
Atlas Regan (means little King)
Atlas Rene (means Reborn)
Atlas Hagen (means Stong Defence)

Hope you enjoy

is this boy name? how about steele or pierce?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

How about
Atlas Andreas (strong and manly)
Atlas Caley (brave warrior)
Atlas Carl (strong, manly)
Atlas Cole (warrior)
Atlas Derron (great)
Atlas Emmet (strong worker)
Atlas Emlyn (brave and noble warrior)
Atlas Ethan (firm, strong)
Atlas Ewan (young warrior)
Atlas Everett (wild boar, strong)
Atlas Gideon (great warrior)
Atlas Hardy (courageous, strong)
Atlas Kael (mighty warrior)
Atlas Kalan/Khalan (strong warrior)
Atlas Kimball (leader of the warriors)
Atlas Maximus (greatest)
Atlas Payton/Peyton (village of the warrior)
Atlas Terrian (physically strong, ambitious)
Atlas Tiergan (strong willed)
Atlas Zephyr (strong wind)
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