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Hubby wants to pick next name - HELP! Lock Rss

I chose the name of our first daughter - Ella Rose - as I had always loved that name... now hubby thinks it is his turn to pick a name and he wants - Piper Lilly - but I'm not sure... we are TTC#2 at the moment so are trying to stay positive by picking out names for our future bubs... any thoughts on hubby's choice for a girls name???

BTW we can agree on the boys names...
Kai Hunter or Jett Declan

Hi Mia!

I like the sound of Piper Lilly actually! It's different and dare I say probably unique! smile

But ultimately you've both got to be comfortable with what you pick inevitably!

Kai and Jett are also nice. I was also thinking of Kai as well...hope all goes well!

Hello smile

I had the same issue, we could agree on boys names but girls names were the problem, and we're having a girl. Luckily I have a billion girl's names that I love so i just had to keep suggesting names until my partner finally agreed on one (and Paige is my most favourite name so its great that he loves it as well).

I love the name lilly, its so pretty, piper is ok as well. Maybe you should get him to suggest a few more names, i mean you are both going to have to call ur bub this name for the rest of her life.

i hope you both find a lovely name that suits your baby smile

Bec xo

My fiance chose the name of our daughter and he did a fantastic job.

I was worried, but we settled on her picks the first name and i pick the second.

We ended up going with Khiarah Jade


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