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same names (different mum) Lock Rss


I have an interesting one for you all!
My partner has a son from previous marriage whereas the mother wants to change their partner doesn't have any contact with the children from prior marriage.

In respecting my partner's deceased father's wishes he wants to carry on the family name..if i have a son my partner wants to name our son the exact same name as his first born son!

Does anybody see anything right or wrong with this other than me?????

Please Help!!
Need to settle this argument

I find that quiet weird, personally..

It seems like he is trying to replace the first son with the second....

I think you really need to stick to your gun's on this one... Good luck!
I don't think it really matters whether your partner has contact with his first son or not... it seems silly that he wants both his sons to have the same name. He may not have contact with his first son now but he may do so when he is older and can make his own decisions. Imagine what both sons would think if and when they ever met???? I think this new baby needs his/her own, new name and if you really can't agree then I would suggest adding this 'must have' name as a middle name!

p.s. Let's hope this baby is a girl!


I find that a bit odd and i would say absolutely not if i was in your position.

Good luck, i hope you can get it sorted out soon.

Kristi 5 kids.

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