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I finally have a short list what do you think Lock Rss

Ok after 37 wks of DH & I arguing over what we like i have a shortlist of 3 names which i would like opinions on. Hopefully he will like 1 of them if not im choosing lol.

Sasha May Gibson
Zoe Anne Gibson
Eva Anne Gibson

So what is your fav of those 3, and do you think Zoe is too "rhymey" with Cody

Thanks again


I may be a bit bias but my name is Zoe and i like it. I get called Zo and Zozo quite a lot and think it's cute. Good to see the spelling too.

Good luck


Hi, i personally like Sasha May, i think it has a great flow with your surname, easy to roll off the tounge but not common smile
I think Zoe is too Rhyming. I like Sasha May & Eva Anne smile
i like them all, but i think i like sacha may the most.

I like Sasha May the best as a whole, but love Eva as a first name. My problem with Anne as the middle name is that together sounds like EvaRan IYKWIM? We had the same probs with Nyah- all middle names starting with a vowel sounded like they started with an "R".
But really, not a big issue, just put me off it when I was choosing names. I wanted Nyah Evie.

Good luck grin Hope I didn't put you off :S

Finally a short list Carolyn grin YAY! And a date too!! How exciting.

I personally really like Eva the best but I also agree with Lisa with the whole Anne thing as a middle name. I think Eva May sounds really pretty smile I'll be waiting to find out what you both end up deciding on smile

BTW Lisa I love your new siggy grin


[Edited on 19/02/2010]

Before i read Braydansmummy's reply i was going to suggest Eva May! Love it smile
I like Sasha May it flows really nice with your surname and is really unique... really like Eva though to

I definately think May for the middle name, and either Sasha or Eva for the first name. They are both beautiful names, you can't go wrong.
I LOVE Sasha, i wanted that for DD3 but hubby didnt like:(
I think sasha may sounds so pretty!
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