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This weeks list... Lock Rss

hi everyone.

Our list is forever changing it seems..

We have for boys..

Lucas Cameron S....
Kobe Cameron S....

Leila for a girl (Lay-La) but can not think of any nice MNs to go with it..any suggestion would be wonderful!

Leila Grace
Liela Myha
Liela Jane
Liela Louise
Liela Maree
Oh I really like Lucas Cameron from your boys & my first thought for a middle name for Leila was Grace! Leila Grace

I love the name Kobe but think Lucas goes better with Cameron.

I love Leila Jay.

I love Kobe but probably coz its so close to Cody!? ;o)

Leila Jade or Leila Jasmine sound adorable! Good luck choosing! gasp)

I prefer Lucas especially with Cameron as a mn.

Also with the spelling Leila, I would myself pronounce it as Leela, which might become annoying? If you spelt it as Layla would will be almost guaranteed to get the correct pronounciation.

I might be biased though, my niece is Layla Skye.

Layla Jasmine is really pretty though.

Good luck!
I would also Lee-luh.

I prefer Lee-luh to Lay-luh.

Lucas Cameron is nice.
I this Rose is a nice MN for Leila or Layla.
When I see Leila though, I would pronounce it Lee-La, as my friend has a little girl named Leila, pronounced Lee-La smile

Good luck!

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

I like Cameron and Kobe. I also agree - I would probably spell it Layla - it will save any confusion in the long run with pronunciation.

Layla Jade
Layla Mahni
Layla Rae
Layla Paige
Layla Isobel
Layla Emily
Layla Kate
Layla Ivy
Layla Zoe
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