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What do u think? Lock Rss

Hi all just found out we pregnant, have had our names picked out since we started trying... they are BOY- Caide William
GIRL- Well we not sure on Ella Rose or
Ellie Rose...
Or Hannah But cant find a middle name
What do u guys think and any middles names

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

I like the name Hannah, I think it's really pretty and that goes equally well with Rose.. mind u most girly names go well with rose tongue

Czerina - TWINS due 15th November 2006

Both really nice names...

Hannah Jayne - that's my niece's name

Ella Rose is a beautiful name. I also like the names Gabrielle, Elise and Elisabeth. Hannah is also lovely.
How about Hannah Gabrielle
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