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middle names Rss

I am looking for 2 middle names to go with Elisha.
Family names?

Elisha as in boy or girl?


How about trying...


Not sure what suits with surname though! Do you want two short middle names or longer? Do you have a nan, mother or other female person in your life who you would like to honour/remember?
(My sil used Jean Frances as middle names in honour of two nans who had passed just prior to their little girls arrival...older names but the sentiment is beautiful!)
Elisha is a lovely first name though!
Best of luck! smile

Just noticed 2nd post...I'm assuming Elisha is first name for a girl? lol unsure

I like Elisha May.

Also depends if you want a family name as a middle name.

I'm confused! lol

Is it Ell-ee-sha (girl) or Ell-eye-shar (boy)?

Elisha Mae
Elisha Paige
Elisha Kate
Elisha Jess
Elisha Beth
Elisha Ivy

Elisha Rhys
Elisha Dane
Elisha Nate
Elisha Grey
Elisha Tate
Elisha Ryan
For a different spin on the name, it can also be pronouced E-lish-a, so really saying E then lisha (lish like wish). And for that I like the middle name Elisha Michelle
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