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  5. ok 3 weeks to go and still cannot decide

ok 3 weeks to go and still cannot decide Lock Rss

so this is our 2nd bub
we have agreed on sophie or sophia for first name but cannot decide on a middle name. we have
sophia kathryn may green
sophia kathryn rose green
or just sophia may green
please help dh is not helping at all
I personally like "Sophia May Green".

Good luck deciding smile

Do the Rose or May have a meaning??
Think i'd go just Sophie Kathryn Green!
I dont think i'd put Rose with Green & not sure if i'd use May if she's going to be born in May??
Good luck deciding! grin

thanks ladies yes all the names have meanings.
kathryn is my mothers middle name
rose is short for rosemary dh mothers middle name
and may is one of my grandmothers name and i really wanted to name this baby after her as i am the only grandchild haveing great grandchildren that they will probably meet in their life time as everyone else is older than me and not interested in having children plus my nan was like my mum to me when i was a child and i dont really like her other names shirley gertrude so i thought may was the most approprate bub is due 29th of april so still might be a may baby i guess we will have to wait and see.
I like Sophia Kathryn May smile
I like it spelt Sofia too.
Sophie May Green sounds sweet, i would save the other names for possible future children. I think your grandmother would feel very honoured!

My daughter Chelsea May was born in May but the name came from a combination of my mother in laws middle name 'Mavis' and my mothers middle name 'Joy'. No one has ever questioned if we picked the middle name because of the month she was born. I dont think it matters.
I think Sophia May Green sounds great, and having such a personal reason for a middle name is a really lovely gesture.
I'd say go for it even if she is born in May


I agree, I love Sophia May Green, beautiful and fresh. Doesn't matter an ounch about being born in May, because that's not the reason you are giving her that middle name. Gorgeous meaning behind it instead x

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