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Logan Anthony Meta or Kohen Anthony Meta Lock Rss

Just wondering about names LOGAN AND KOHEN middle name is Anthony last name is Meta...

Have another son whose name is Rhylan.... would like to hear what people think smile

Both those names sound cute and go well with Rhylan, but I lean toward Kohen a bit more! good luck with your final choices! smile
I would go with Kohen smile
Logan Anthony is lovely!
I really like Logan Anthony!

I like Kohen better and think it fits a bit better with Rhylan smile

Kohen is just too common.

They are both getting common, but Kohen is my vote smile

I prefer Kohen.... grin
Kohen for my vote good luck
I love Logan and if I have a boy it with either be Logan or Ashton but my sister's favourite name is Kohen.

Good luck!
Logan for me! Good luck choosing! grin

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