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We have decided on REEF, what does everyone think?? Lock Rss

Hello Fellow Mummies and Mummies to be!!

My DH and I have decided on the name REEF, my mother inlaw suggested it and at first we did not like it until a hip/modern friend of our's said out loud REEF DADSONS (dadson being our last name) that's hot!!
We sat on her enthusiasm for the name for a few days and came around to thinking it was a cool strong name too!

Can I have everyone's honest opinion as I am only 29 weeks and have time to change my mind?? I also have a daughter who is 4 her name is Mariah we call her Ryha for short Reef and Ryha I thought go well together....?????


round 2 mumma

honest opinion....I actually don't mind it lol

It is rather cool, just looks funny written, maybe you could try and spell it different?
not a name I would use but I an a more traditional name person. For a different name though, it is quite cool! I doubt he will come across anyone else named it thats for sure smile
YES Love it! Only because that's what we are calling our son, if we have a boy! My husband liked it years ago when he knew someone who had a son called Reef and daughter Oceana. He always said he would call his son Reef so that's what we are sticking with. We dont care if no one else likes it, some have said Oh Reefer! as in dope/smoke. Ive thought of different ways to spell it also but cant come up with any other way. If we have a girl we will call her Kiarna. We like unusual names. Reef sounds hot and Kiarna sounds cute. My husband is a surfer hence him wanting the the name Reef for our son! Go for it. Since we have had some negative feedbacks about the name we just tell them our girls name and say we are tossing up with the boys name. once you have the baby and name it that they wont say oh i dont like that name...well most people wont anyway! ha ha.

Yes I love it too, I wasn't sure the first time I heard it but it very quickly grew on me!
It is especially suited to blondies smile

It is especially suited to blondies smile

I know...that's what DH and I think too. We were both bright white haired little blondies with big blue eyes. Hopefully we carry on the genes and dont have a throw back of brown eyes from my family! ha ha.

love love love love it! goes well with your surname too.

i think your mother in law watches days of our lives! theres a reef on that! tongue i think it sound nice! reef and rhya sound great together!
I really like Reef
Sounds great with your Daughters name - I like it smile
Reef is an AWESOME name for a boy. Go for it!!!!
It compliments your surname really well. Sounds cool.

I have always like the name Reeve smile
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