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We have decided on REEF, what does everyone think?? Lock Rss

My husband and myself have called our baby boy Reef and nobody has liked the name. We are thinking maybe we have done the wrong thing.
Everybody has said that it's an "interesting" name and concerned about the potential for teasing eg: Reefer, getting reefed etc. Not sure what to do??

We are about 4 week off having our son REEF!! I have just had my baby shower and about 30 attended buy me gifts with Reef's Name embroided, letters for the door....MY husband has even had his named tattooed!!! Looks awsome! People especially my "very honest sisters" didnt like it at first but like all things poeple get used to it and now everyone is touching my belly talking to lil Reefy my wriggly lil shark, I dont care what they think anyway I love it and it has taken me 26 years to think of a boys name im contempt with!! And by the time he goes to high school where phrases about sex, weed ect are spoken about they will have new nicknames for all that stuff!! Dont stress, I think your son has the coolest name!!

round 2 mumma

My son will be 7 at Xmas n his name is Reef. He loves it. He thinks it make him sound like a super hero.Lol. I had negative reactions at first, but stuck with it. He was nearly three weeks before we named him. His full name is Reef Robert John Aston. People now tell me they couldn't imagine him being named anything else. I have an unusual name ( Sapphire) and although there was an element of Micky taking, I think it made me into a better person. I love explaining the origins of my name, and the fact I don't know another me! :0) and my son feels the same way. Stuff what everyone else thinks! X
My son is called Reef!
He was born last July in Spain where we live.
We received very different responses on it .
My father in law, whom is Spanish doesn't like it at all, but my friends in Holland love it.
It's all so a bit difficult to pronounce here ,but his big brother is called Sydney and we really like how it's sounds together.
His brother is almost 10 and loves his name , but the name of his little brother even more.
And in the end you can make fun of every name, but we are super happy with Reef!
So go for it !!!
I love it too! Super cool, spunky & easy to spell & pronounce! smile

I was here to check the thread and contribute my 2 cents. Then I found out this is almost 4 years old. grin I like Reef anyways, not that it would still matter in this thread, I think smile
Hi... my eldest boy is named reef growing up he didn't like the name but now his 18 he loves it. And it suits him... I love the name
Its very cool smile Unusual but easy to say and spell smile
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