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HONEST opinions wanted...please.... Lock Rss

So, you may have seen my previous threads.

Dh has for the first time EVER, ( In all my pregnancies), said he "loves" a boys name. He has only ever said, "its ok".

Its Jordan Ace............

What do you all think??

He is a massive KISS fan, hence the love of the name Ace.

I always agreed with him to have John or Allan as MN as that is his late fathers name, but he says he loves Jordan Ace, especially as it is the same initials as his dads.

So, what do you honestly think, can we get away with "Ace", or does it sound a bit silly??

I actually quite like it. Surname is Paine.

Thanks so much xo

I think its ok and if you both love it then go for it grin

Dont ever let what other people "might" think stop you from using a name you love.

Hey hamilton,
I think its fab ur hubby's so excited over a name!
Jordan Ace is an awesome name! U can definately get away with Ace as a middle name & i love that it'll still have meaning with the same initials!
Good luck with the final decision! grin

I really like it!! I think Jordan Ace goes really well together. grin
I think its a nice name!!!
[center]Yeh!! Thats an awesome name!! grin
But i agree with the OP. Dont let anyone else opinions sway your decision!!!
(but saying that ACE is Sooooooo cooollll !!! ) LMAO[/center]
the thing with middle names is they are hardly ever used so can be whatever you want, which is why a lot of people have weird 'family' names as middle names smile In saying that, I do kind of like Ace
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