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surname blues.. Lock Rss

I'm 36 weeks today & the father of my baby & I are in a quarrel about baby's surname. He wants baby to have his fathers surname which is different to his own..I was wondering if this was possible to do and if anyone has any similar experiences..I still haven't decided whether or not I want baby to take my surname either..And how do I go about telling baby's father without him going ballistic, because he is very traditional.

1st time mummy to baby Taylan born 27/05/06..

You both have to really think this through. My SIL has a son from a previous relationship and she gave him her partner's surname (even though they weren't married). Now that she is married to my brother, everyone else in that family have the same surname except for him! He finds it very embarrassing having to explain himself to places like school as to why his name is different!
Whatever you decide just make sure you have in mind what it is going to be like for the baby throughtout life... it's not just a name or an opportunity to win an arguement!

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