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Naming a child after a deceased person? Rss

Is it ok to name your child after a deceased person? My husband likes the idea of calling our son (if we have a son) after a friend of his that died? Do you think people would find it odd?
No not at all,it very common. if we have a girl we have Bonnie picked out for either first or middle name, Bonnie was my great nanna.
I dont think its odd at all and agree with PP its very common.

DD1 has my sisters name as her middle name.
I agree its fine as long as you dont mind. Although perhaps you could tell the deceased persons loved ones that you intend on naming your baby after them.

DS's middle name is after my father whom he never met.... I would have gladly named his first name after him but decided that it might make me a little sad to explain to everyone when they asked how I choose his name.

Thank you for the thoughts. I agree with the older family names getting used! The person my husband is thinking of is, very sadly, a young person who died recently. I wouldn't want to offend anyone.
I think people would think that was a really lovely thing to do. Well i think its nice. dont know about anyone else.

Thank you for the thoughts. I agree with the older family names getting used! The person my husband is thinking of is, very sadly, a young person who died recently. I wouldn't want to offend anyone.
I agree wuth the others it is lovely But PLEASE ask the family first... I can't see them saying no but DS passed away in January.... our besties were due to give birth a week later, they asked us if their baby was a boy could they use the middle name Luke, he was born 5 days after DS died and even though we knew it was still a bit hard to take in.... I know for us it was a bit different as it was still very raw but I am glad we had warning...
Rileys middle name is after my Grandad who dies in 2000, there are a lot of this generations kids in my family with the same middle name for that reason. If we were to have a girl her middle name was to be Anne after my friend Ann-katrin who died in a terrorist attack in Egypt in 1997.
I actually like the idea of naming them after someone special who passed away. I would have liked to have had my Granfathers name but my Grandma found it too hard to hear even 24yrs after he passed. Like Jess said though I would just let the family know so they are prepared especially as it isnt a relative.

My DS is named after my Dad who passed away while i was pregnant. He is named after Dad but has a shortened version of his name - it was a name we could use for a boy or girl (more common for boys but there is an actress with this name too). Obviously family and friends are able to see the name connection but it is the short version to kinda make it like DS's name.

I would ask the family first to check that they dont mind. You could always use the name as a middle name or if possible a shortened version
We named DS after his late grandfather who died maybe 25 years ago. As I never met him (he was DH's father), the decision didn't really affect me. And DH suggested it, so I guess he was cool with it.

However, very recently, a young friend died under the most horrible accidental circumstances and while I had considered using his name (it's a common name) for a future baby before, I don't think I could do it now just in case I thought of him every time I saw my son. While it's not awful to remember the lost friend and the person he was, I just don't want to be reminded of the tragic circumstances in which he died.

I guess it's a very personal and individual decision to make, but if there are other people involved, ie the late friend's family, I would definitely check with them first, especially if it is a less common name.
I honestly don't think its odd. I personally would find it very sweet.

My younger brother died as a baby when i was 3. And I plan to (if i have a son) to have my younger brothers middle name as my sons middle name.

I also have a close friend who was murdered two years ago now, and at once stage I thought of using his first name as my sons first name.
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