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We picked our sons name :) Lock Rss


We are pregnant with bubs #5 we already have 3 boys and 1 princess and found out we having another boy so after already using our fav names on our 3 sons we found a name we love and i want to no what u guys think..


Middle name will be Josh so Jaylan Josh

TIA for any feedback


I like it smile
Love it smile
Really like it & love that his nickname can be JJ too!! grin

I like the name,though it does sound abit feminine to me.Ii doesnt really matter theses days but as alot of names ar being used for both sexes.
to be honest not sure maybe it has to grow on me
but don't worry about my opinion cause its your baby


love both names tho i love jaylan spelt jeilin

I think it's nice too, although I agree with a PP who said it was a little feminine. Still a great name though. smile
It is a nice name but I prefer strong, masculine boys names.
I like both names seperatly but together its to many J's for me

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

I like it, I know a boy called Jaylan, and I like that it can be shortened to JJ, very nice.

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