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Suggestions please..... Lock Rss

Hi I am probably not of much help but I am feeling your pain atm, we had a boys name as good as picked and have since had 2 people I konw of call their new baby boys it (they arent close friends so didnt matter but still) then we went to my sons daycare xmas party and santa was calling out kids names to collect their presents and every third one was this name.
It was actually mentioned above too.....Lucas....
Soo we think we might scrap it so are back to the drawing board.

Trouble for us is we usually find boys easier than girls but we have 2 boys already so this is hard the third time! We have a girls name locked in already tho!

My boys are Brandon and Hunter, Hunter has grown a bit popular since we had him nearly 2 yrs ago but I dont know any other Brandons and I love his name so there is a suggestion for you!

Good luck!....for both of us!
I love the name Darcy (although DP wasn't too keen on it). We ended up having a girl so didn't have to worry about a boys name too much. If DD was a boy, I was set on having John for the middle name. I liked Liam, Alex, Damon, Joshua, Javier, Jarvis, Harrison. So many to choose from!
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