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Do you like the name Saraya? Lock Rss

I originally loved the name Sarah, but not everyone in my family loved it so I came up with a list of names, my top two are Sienna and Saraya.
I am leaning towards Saraya but wondering what people think of this name and will it be hard to pronounce, spell etc...
I originally found it in the name book spelt - Soraya and it is Persian and means Princess... I prefer Saraya...
Let me know your thoughts

Thanks so much...
I see it and would pronounce it

Is that how you want it pronouced? or SA-RA-YA??

To be honest with you.... I LOVE IT!

I have a friend who's name is Sarika - I love that name too....
I would pronounce it Sa-ray-uh

Beautiful name! Less common than Sieanna too!
Hi there,

I have a friend by the name of Soraya, I really like it spelled this way. Its not very common, so I think its appealing.

I would pronounce it Sa-ray-uh

Beautiful name! Less common than Sieanna too!

Same. This is how i would pronounce it. I think its a beautiful name. And different...i hate really common/over popular names
I love it. Very pretty, but more commonly spelt Soraya.

It is pronounced Saw-RY-uh or Sa-RY-uh yes?

If that is how you want it pronounced but people obviously muck it up and say Sa-RAY-uh then you can also spell it this way

Sariah. It is a legitimate name.
Thank you everyone! This is so encouraging... I like the pronunciation - Sa-ray-uh...

Sariah is nice as well..

Middle name will be Elsie or Grace. (Elsie is a family name so for heritage sake will prob be Elsie.
I like it spelt Soraya smile
I like that name.
Saraya Elsie. What about the spelling of Elsie like Elcie? Its different
i love it, beautiful
my sil has a bestfriend with a daughter saraya


i love it ive meet one person with that name and she was very kind hearted and warm, despite the rest of her family smile go for it it is beautiful
My daughter is almost 5 and her name is Saraya Grace. It's pronounced Suh-ray-yah. We thought we'd made it up after taking the name of a friend's adopted Indonesian daughter (Saray) and adding an A on the end. However I was told by an Egyptian pizza deliverer (of all things) that it's Persian for princess, and there's a story of Princess Saraya being the most beautiful woman in all the world. There are also variations - Suraya and Soraya. One is Indonesian and one is Arabic.
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