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Boys Name Lock Rss

Hi there.

We're expecting baby number two and have already used our fav boys name! (Logan Thomas). We can come up with several girls names (Charlotte, Lily or Bella) but are stuck trying to think of another boys name! I like Zac which hubby doesn't mind, and I also like Darcy, Jack, and Charlie but hubby not too keen. We both like Mannix but worried this might be a little weird...

Can anyone suggest a boys name that goes with Justin (this will be the middle name as it's hubbies grandfathers name)? Something more traditional rather than "unusual"...

Thanks guys.

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

We have chosen Kael William, Kael ,meaning mighty warrior, and william goes back through my hub.

I love Harrison, always have

Emily, NT, EDD June 24th

just to let you know you have to look at what you last name is and if you choose mannix justin as suggetsed just say it to your self and see if you feel comfortable with it so depending on what your last name is
a couple of names that i reckon would be

cameron justin ..........
Dale justin ............
David Justin.............

Its a hard thing trying to find the right name im going tthrough the process now but with a girls name
I think to myself it is something the kid has to live with for the rest of its life we dont have to go to school and get all the kids to come up with a nickname out of our names because we have been there and done it

i like


good luck deciding!

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

I personaly really like Mannix Justin for a boy. Yes it's unusual but it's not way out there. And at least when he goes to school he won't have the same name as everyone else. When I was at school there was 5 Ben's and 4 Mathews just in our year group. But then I like the more uncommon names. Our little boy is Xavier John.

all of us

Love mannix, but I dont like "normal" names.
I also like Calahni or Jarrah for boys.Like I said I dont like "normal".
Good luck, hope you find the best name for your little man.
Best wishes for upcoming birth.

WA mom of 4

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